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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Daily Dose - Analysis

I've completed my month long journey of documenting the religious background noise in my life.

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I set this up as a month long project but it doesn't quite feel done to me yet.

I was fully expecting to discover that the level of religious background noise in my life was not as high as I originally perceived it to be. I suspected that because I'm so sensitive [or I thought I was...] to uninvited religious intrusion that as I looked more closely I would discover not a huge quantity of dogmatic noise but just a few loud holy cankers.

Holy buckets was I wrong! I am exposed to a ton more religiousness than I ever dreamed in every single aspect of my life AND I've been subconsciously tuning most of it out!

There is so much more that I didn't even post about: phone calls with family always ending with "God bless you" (which I, for some reason, always parrot back "God bless you too"), people on TV saying "it was a miracle" or "by God's grace" or "first, I'd like to thank JC", seeing cross jewelry on people and in big box stores, watching the guy on the bus read the bible, seeing cross-shaped clouds in the sky...

I now feel inundated in a religious culture the weight of which is suffocating and I'm appalled at how drastically I've been tiptoeing around strapped with animal fur Jacob/Isaac-style to trick everyone into thinking I'm a member of the family so I can get their blessing.

I need to keep doing this Daily Dose thing for a little while longer; there's more to learn here.

Interestingly, PhychoDiva (in the UK) is having a hard time finding any religious background noise to document. I'm very interested to hear her concluding thoughts when she finishes her version of the daily dose project.

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