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Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Life as a Christian

I mentioned once or twice before that I was a hard-core Christian (Lutheran; Missouri Synod) up until about my senior year of college. Now I have proof!

Here are some photos of my grade school bible. I went to a private Lutheran school from Kindergarden - 6th grade and used this Bible everyday. Here is how I found fit to decorate it.

(By "Him" I meant God - just in case you were wondering) Done with silver ink marker circa 1988

There is a faded drawing of a snail to the right of the text to which the "me" is referencing

It appears I turned the letters in GOD into face balloons

This is a later addition in the new testament after I got my 8-color pen and the religion lectures were getting longer and less engaging

This last image is actually kinda scary. Its from my college Spirit Filled Life Bible for Students which my Father purchased for me when I went off to school. Its hard to read, click for big, but I'll also translate a few spots.

There are brackets around Genesis 8:22 and I wrote "WOW!"

There are more brackets around Genesis 9:6 and wrote "Death penalty?" and "Like Killing God"

There are hundreds of pages like this - all marked up with crazy comments and highlighted areas that I found exceptionally inspiring.

I was totally brainwashed.


Blogger Psychodiva said...

fascinating to me as a mental health professional to read the comments in the bible shown about psychiatry and sin :) and there i thought all my training had covered everything- darn!

02 June, 2007  

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