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Friday, May 18, 2007

Religious Discrimination = Atheists and Muslims

Awareness of atheism as a discriminated against class of people has reached the point where we're the example used in work place discrimination training.

Its hard to read but the screen shot says:

Discrimination on the basis of religion covers persons of all faiths, including those who are atheists. The following are examples of illegal discrimination on the basis of religion:
  • To have stricter production requirements for atheists simply because they do not share the supervisor's religious beliefs.

  • To fail to hire a Muslim do to the selection officials fear of terrorism.

  • To make derogatory comments to others based on their lack of faith.

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Blogger Mojoey said...

I've got to tell my boss. Maybe I can work a little less! btw - you should consider joining the atheist blogroll. We would love to have you.

18 May, 2007  

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