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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Daily Dose of Religion- Day 1

For the next month I'm going to take pictures of religion-related things I encounter in everyday life. I'm curious to explore the "background" level of religion in my life that is more-or-less out of my control.

Of course these photos can't capture everything and in many cases it will be fuzzy to define what is/not religion-related and I sure at times it will be inappropriate to take a picture but I'm confident I'll fuddle my way through.

Today's Dose:

Graffiti on a geological marker at Mounds Park in St. Paul. Perhaps it was the heathen interpretation of the sacred nature of mounds or just geology in general that spurred someone to preface the marker text with "Lord Jesus Saves."

Churches on my drive home.

I spend at least a solid 3 - 5 Minutes a day staring at the St. Paul Cathedral while waiting at traffic lights on my commute home.

And if I turn to look at to the right (east?) at the same set of lights I see this baby:

Other things to note: there are many more churches which I pass on a daily basis. I'll continue to snap and post photos of those.

Also, within the realm of inappropriate-to-take-a-picture and out-of-my control exposure to religion, today I went to express my sympathy to a co-worker, who I care a lot about, because her father had just died and all of a sudden I was within a group of people who were saying to her "you'll be in my prayers" "he's in a better place" and the like, and when it was my "turn" I just squeezed her hand and walked away. Fortunately, she knows me well enough to know that wasn't an insult.

I'm going to attempt to hold off judgment and evaluation regarding the background level of religion in my life until the end of the experiment. Then I'll post a thorough analysis -maybe even with some graphs if you're lucky.


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