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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away...

Every time God shuts a door, he opens another...

This morning I walked past the perfect graffiti for my Daily Dose project but I decided to wait to snap a picture of it until the afternoon because the light would be better - but when I walked back it was painted over!!

There were two phrases written by one person and then edited by another.

Atheism God Saves

God is Dead King

But I wasn't mourning that missed opportunity too long because when I got home I had this gem in my mailbox:

And here's what I found inside (click for bigger):

"What is a prayer rug?" you may ask, well here it is! Stare at it long enough and Jesus' eyes might open!

and on the back it says:

But wait! There's more!

Including a special prophecy that you shouldn't open until you mail the prayer rug back.

I broke the rule - here's the prophecy:

Link to St. Matthews Churches who sends this out.

Link to a couple other bloggers who got this (found through a google search).


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