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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Decades of Photos

My Grandfather took hundreds (thousands?) of photos throughout his life and last Christmas my Uncle gave everyone CDs of all the photos which he had scanned in. It must have taken my Uncle years. I'm very grateful, it's an incredible gift because the photos document their whole life quite candidly.

Just this weekend I went through them all. Its like reading a book with a bunch of pages torn out. I know the the life of my Mother's family wasn't perfect and I can see the strain on their faces in many of the photos. However, I'm not really close with my Mom's siblings and they have been evasive when I've posed questions in the past so I'm left to read in-between the lines. Piecing together the general story isn't too difficult but I'm curious to understanding the nuance and reaction of individuals.

Its interesting because in many ways its not my place to be nosy. This is their lives and I'm sure my curiosity is an unwelcome poking at painful memories. However, I'm interested in learning more about my Mother and these photos bring up floods of questions.

I guess in the grand scheme of my life it doesn't really matter if, what, or when I find out anything. My Mother already has passed on to me all she thought I needed but that doesn't calm my curiosity.

I'll pulled out some of my favorite photos based solely on photographic interest and posted them below. There are more on my flickr site.






1958-040 .jpg

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Blogger Mojoey said...

Wow - I love photography. I like the american gothic type photo of the old folks - and the ducks.

18 May, 2007  

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