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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Daily Dose - Last Official Entry

Here is the last "official" entry of the Daily Dose project.

Priest on a street corner in downtown St. Paul.

He's got the collar and some other heavenly garment. Why do priests wear those anyway?

More "JC loves you graffiti" in the middle of an intersection in south Minneapolis.

Close up.

This beaut' was spotted when I was sans camera - so I borrowed one, printed the picture out (I was also sans internet), and then scanned it in here at home.


Blogger MothandRust said...

Priests apparently wear a collar because we want to be directed by Christ (sort of like a leash). They are white agains the background of a black robe as a symbol of the light of resurrection.

Which is as dumb as celibacy. These guys are dumb-asses in the truest sense.

The believe giving up the wearing of colours is a symbol of waiting for the hope of the brightness of resurrection.

The priests I knew used to wear Hawaaiin clothes on holiday... guess taht's when they were looking for ass. sigh - pathetic.

07 June, 2007  
Blogger Zeolite said...

Thanks for the info!

You say "because we want to be directed..." are/were you a priest?

08 June, 2007  

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