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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confirmation Photos! You know you got 'em!

Here are some photos of me that my sister pulled out when I drove home (Milwaukee) a couple weeks ago.

Me and the pastors who "confirmed me" in 1994. This photo kinda creeps me out. Both of the pastors in this photos were pretty average but I harbor this gut feeling that professional religious people know its all one giant delusion and, consciously or not, choose to play along.

I wonder if these confirmation photos are like big-game trophy shots for pastors: I imagine a wall plastered with similar photos and a pastor staring at the collage surveying all his spiritual conquests with satisfaction...

My parents with me in my childhood backyard on confirmation day. This photo is very emotionally charged for me; the gut wrenching-ness of disappointing your parents and the bitter sadness of the self-inflicted extinction of happy-go-lucky times.


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