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Monday, November 26, 2007

Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornaments

I felt the urge to put up a christmas tree this year. I enjoy doing it, it brings back good family memories.

However I added my own twist with a homemade flying spaghetti monster ornament! For some reason I always envision the FSM as being purple - I guess I can make my imaginary deity whatever color I want, right? There is a FSM ornament already for sale online. Its cool - but not $33 cool.

In fact, I made four ornaments! So I have three extras... so, if any of you christmas-tree-harboring-atheists would like a flying spaghetti monster ornament send me an email. I'll mail them out to the first 3 peeps to ask me or to the best offer.

Email: zeoliteDOTblurpATgmailDOTcom


I'm also keeping a copy of Darwin's Origin of Species next to the tree (see pic) lest anyone get the wrong idea.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Another Thanksgiving story...

My husband's family does the traditional around-the-table-hand-holding while they pray thing. I hold hands with them but I don't bow my head or shut my eyes. This year, my 5-year-old niece peaked open her eyes to surreptitiously look around and I winked at her, she could barely hold in her incredulity until the end of the prayer, then she screamed, "Aunty had her eyes open!" I suspect she expected a unified gasp from the family or something - but everyone just kinda shrugged their shoulders and started passing food. I wonder if little interactions like this will help her to think about religion differently? Part of me hopes it will loosen the ropes a tiny bit.

I hope to be a good example of someone living without religion for both my nieces. I hope that they don't grow up hating or fearing atheists and that they have a religious escape route if they need it. Its a fine line to walk - I want to respect my sister and sister-in-law and their choices as parents. I wouldn't want them trying to convert my children (if I had any) but I also wouldn't mind them just showing my kids how they live.

We Love Babies too!

I spent thanksgiving at my in-laws' house in central Wisconsin about 2.5 hours from ours in Minneapolis; a straight shot across hwy 29. There are a bazillion anti-abrortion billboards with pictures of babies and lame phrases ("embryos are just tiny babies," etc.) on that stretch of highway that inspired my husband and I to brainstorm some of our own billboards for hwy 29:

Atheists: We *heart* babies too!

Just think about it.

Atheists: Guilt free since the big bang

Prey for Christians doesn't exist but I imagine it would contain a statement about how we are supporters of everyone's constitutional right to freely practice their religion and the separation of church and state, that we are the most hated us "group," and that according to them we're going to hell anyway - isn't that enough? - no need to be hatin' here on earth.

Billboards can't be too expensive in central WI...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Photos that Make Me Laugh Part 5

More random photos that make me laugh:

As usual, I don't remember where these images came from - if one is yours and you want credit just let me know.

Atheist Goat Screen Background!

Its all yours for the taking! Click the image below for full size, save it, and set as a tiled background.