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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Portland is Yay!

I was just in Portland visiting my brother-in-law Craig. He is an author and artist who has written some amazing graphic novels. See the link to his blogĀ Doot Doot on the right.

Here are some pics:

Craig had a bunch of chick pamphlets in his bathroom which highly amused me, so he broke out his entire stash. We were feeling kinda goofy so we made this virgin-mary-like halo of chick pamphlets surrounding Craig.


Both Craig and his brother Jon (AKA Phil = his middle name) are artists and grew up drawing together. They resurrected some childhood comic heros for a new comeback adventure. You can see that on Craig's Blog.

Lastly, we went surfing - well Craig, Jon and our friend Dan did. It was too cold for me and Dan's wife; we went to a coffee shop and had delicious homemade curry carrot soup.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vacances a Trois

Here a delightful stop-motion animation some friends and I made this weekend. Enjoy!