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Friday, November 23, 2007


Another Thanksgiving story...

My husband's family does the traditional around-the-table-hand-holding while they pray thing. I hold hands with them but I don't bow my head or shut my eyes. This year, my 5-year-old niece peaked open her eyes to surreptitiously look around and I winked at her, she could barely hold in her incredulity until the end of the prayer, then she screamed, "Aunty had her eyes open!" I suspect she expected a unified gasp from the family or something - but everyone just kinda shrugged their shoulders and started passing food. I wonder if little interactions like this will help her to think about religion differently? Part of me hopes it will loosen the ropes a tiny bit.

I hope to be a good example of someone living without religion for both my nieces. I hope that they don't grow up hating or fearing atheists and that they have a religious escape route if they need it. Its a fine line to walk - I want to respect my sister and sister-in-law and their choices as parents. I wouldn't want them trying to convert my children (if I had any) but I also wouldn't mind them just showing my kids how they live.


Blogger tina said...

Kids will tattle on anybody.

28 November, 2007  
Blogger dignature said...

She evidentally didn't realize she was admitting her own guilt by pointing the finger at you...
Maybe she was planning on making a play for the gravy and you busted her so she tried to turn the tables.

19 March, 2008  

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