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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jewish? Here's a card expressing my sympathy and encouragement.

I felt like a real crackpot giggling in the sympathy card section of the gift store, but tucked between all the cards labeled "sympathy" and "encouragement" was a stack of cards labeled "Jewish." There were no other religious, or birthday, or other holiday cards in that entire row! Just lots of "I'm Sorry" and then that one "Jewish" card.

(Note: this post is not anti-Semitism, I would think it was funny if it called out the name of any group -christian, atheist, scuba divers... its the juxtaposition that's funny.)

Sorry the photo is crappy - I took it with my cell phone.


Blogger AIGBusted said...

Jesus on a dinosaur never fails to crack me up!! : D

You should come give my blog a visit, I counter creationist organizations, such as Answers in Genesis.


21 November, 2007  

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