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Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween = Witnessing Opportunity!

A co-worker frequently finds chick tracks entitled Are Roman Catholics Christians? on the Wabasha Street Bridge in St. Paul and gave one to me for a laugh today. And it is very funny - especially on the last page where you are asked if you take Jesus as your savior Check Yes or No.

So, after checking "No," I went to the Chick Publications website and found a great place for hours of side-ache inducing entertainment!

On the homepage I was greeted with this message:
"Every Halloween, a parade of children stream to your door asking for a treat. By dropping a Chick tract or two (along with some candy) into their bags, in one night you can give the gospel to lots of kids (and their families)...all without leaving your home."

Then I discovered that all the tracks are online for our viewing enjoyment!

My favorite is their new "black track series" because it is soooo wrong. Excerpts below:

Which one is your favorite?


Blogger Rasputin said...

The D&D is evil one is always entertaining.

And a little bit horrifying when you realize they're actually serious.

13 October, 2007  
Blogger Zeolite said...

You're right - that one is fantastic. Thanks!

13 October, 2007  

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