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Saturday, October 13, 2007

One Year Anniversary!

This October marks my one year anniversary for blogging. Yay!

My 5 most read posts:
From Jello to Jesus
Minneapolis Tornado
Arabella B. Buckley
Hag Syndrome
Crazy Mammoths

Odd choices by you readers - but I'm glad your reading!

My favorite part of this blog so far has been the Daily Dose Project. It was a very valuable exercise in becoming aware.

About you:
There have been 242 peeps hanging out here on and off;

From all over the world but mostly from the US and Canada (also from the UK, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands);

You check out a page or two, for a minute or two each on average, and then move on;

and you don't like to surf the web in the morning - most hits are at lunch and after work.

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Blogger Psychodiva said...

Happy Birthday :) I must look to see when mine is lol

keep putting the pictures up- I love them- I'm sorry I didn't get as many for the daily dose project over here as you did in your neck of the woods tho :)

14 October, 2007  

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