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Friday, November 23, 2007

We Love Babies too!

I spent thanksgiving at my in-laws' house in central Wisconsin about 2.5 hours from ours in Minneapolis; a straight shot across hwy 29. There are a bazillion anti-abrortion billboards with pictures of babies and lame phrases ("embryos are just tiny babies," etc.) on that stretch of highway that inspired my husband and I to brainstorm some of our own billboards for hwy 29:

Atheists: We *heart* babies too!

Just think about it.

Atheists: Guilt free since the big bang

Prey for Christians doesn't exist but I imagine it would contain a statement about how we are supporters of everyone's constitutional right to freely practice their religion and the separation of church and state, that we are the most hated us "group," and that according to them we're going to hell anyway - isn't that enough? - no need to be hatin' here on earth.

Billboards can't be too expensive in central WI...


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