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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Oh No She Called Me a Turd"

This was a comment posted today regarding my Menards Ad Post. I was gonna wait to share this until I got a few more kooky comments and then post them all together. But the more I read this one the more I enjoy it - so it would be selfish of me not to share.

"cry baby atheist! are you ashamed you don't believe? big deal so they wrote that. if you really are an atheist then all you should say is " oh menards is so silly." let them do what they want. I wouldn't want your sissy business. why can you have your belief but oh no nobody better have their's."oh gee kroger sells meat and I'm a vegetarian and they put it in their ad,I better call them and cry." Go away you sick narrow minded turd."oh no she called me a turd, boo hoo!"

I love the language: "cry baby" "sissy" and "turd." Its almost endearing.

Kroger must be a grocery store, right? I haven't heard of it before.


Blogger Stew said...

Congratulations on your very own wackaloon.

They need nurturing. Give it a prod every now and then and enjoy as it spits venom and bile.

21 October, 2008  

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