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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not so Horrible Endings

Is it just in America that endings are considered so horrible?

I see statistics all over the place lamenting the high percentage of marriages which end in divorce. I don't get it; a marriage ending in divorce isn't bad. In fact, I think its the smart thing to do if the people who are married aren't happy with each other any more. Its stupid to stay married if the only thing keeping you together is the institute itself. When I hear couples bragging about how long they have been married I always wonder "yeah, but for how many of those years have you been happy?" Marriage isn't an endurance test. Psychologically healthy people grow and change. Couples may only be meant to be together for certain periods of their lives; growth and change may lead them in different directions, and and when they are not happy together anymore they should move on. (Note: This is coming from a happily married woman who espoused her high school sweet heart - ironic, eh?)

Same goes for the ending of jobs. When my old job was ending many friends came to me to express sympathy. While I value that they meant to be kind, I didn't feel that the ending of that job was worth mourning. I was happy to be free to find something more personally satisfying.

I don't mean to trivialize the pain and psychological work that endings/change cause. Perhaps that's why Americans hate endings so much - they force a sort of mental workout and thoughtful independence which is uncomfortable to an intellectually apathetic country.

What I'm getting at is its time for a change with the blog. This month marks two years of blogging which was originally fueled by the frustrations of an atheist in a religious nation. But now I feel inspired by more positive things and have been avoiding the blog as it has a tendency to encourage me to indulge my scathing inner cynic (which I guess this post demonstrates). So I'm going to give the blog a face lift and see if I can't be a little more positive for a while. Perhaps, I don't have it in me and its a bad idea to attempt to go against my nature, but I'm not going to totally ban rants. I just want a more positive and balanced outlet.

Cheers to a new day!


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