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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dog Vomit Slime Mold

I came back from a weekend at a friend's cabin to discover an awesome glob of Fuligo Septica, AKA vomit slime mold, in my rain garden. Just in time for the rain garden tour this coming weekend!

Oddly, this is the second surprise to pop up in my garden this weekend. Someone left a beautiful ceramic statue in my garden on Friday morning while I was walking my pooch. I checked with most of the likely suspects and have yet to find the perpetrator. Weird, huh? Thanks to the mystery giver!

I've been wanting to see a real-live slime mold ever since I read about them in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. BTW - this great magazine is free to all Minnesota residents. Subscribe Here.

I'll post some photos this week hopefully. Things have been a little crazy - but I resigned totally from my job last week - so I should have more time soon. Yippie!


OpenID dignature said...

Fffft. I thought this was going to be about Republicans.

11 August, 2008  

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