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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Birds and the Bees

Yesterday I went to Westwood Hills Nature Center to begin volunteer training to work with their red-tailed hawk, but the birding was so great we decided to reschedule the training and spend the afternoon outside bird watching.

Right now in Minnesota many of the northern lakes are still iced over so lots of the migrants are hanging out here, in the Twin Cities, until they melt. Yesterday I saw a yellow-rumped warbler, a ruby-crowned kinglet, and some sort of fly catcher - all in about 20 minutes of half-assed looking without binocs. For more interesting and accurate Minnesota birding information check out my new friend's Bird Chick Blog. 

Westwood Hills also has a growing bee keeping program and I snapped some photos as they checked for eggs.





Blogger Psychodiva said...

oo I've always wanted to find out about bee-keeping - cool! I love that you got to see all the birds- sounds like you had a god time :)

15 May, 2008  

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