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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I've piddled away much of my day looking for a good book recommending/networking site. I think the best one is LibraryThing.

I also like Shelfari, it's much better designed, but as far as I can tell is doesn't recommend books at all - which is what I primarily want.

They both have nifty widgets for showing your books on your blog. Which I may add at some point but right now my book list is kinda pathetic and I don't really want to show if off.

That said, if you also have an account with LibraryThing I would be happy to have you as a "friend" my member name is Zeolite there too.


Blogger Peter said...

Dear Library Thing: I found you on Shelfari and went to your blog. Excellent animation. I would like to recommend a book to you. It is my own. As an atheist you might be interested not only in trhe book but in the group I started on Goodreads. It's called Faith and Spritituality, Which Religion is the Right One. It has stirred up a hornet's nest. There arepeople out there who don't like atheists. Check out my book HUNTING THE KING on YouTube. The publisher created an excellent book trailer. As an artist, I think you'll appreciate the effort that went into it. Let me know what you think. Best, Peter

27 April, 2008  

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