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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Last weekend our bikes were stolen out of our garage during the night.

The burglars kicked in our garage door, which only had a door lock - no dead-bolt - and took our bikes. Then they carefully shut the door and fence gate behind them, ditched some other bikes in our yard, and left.

Monday morning we noticed the door frame was broken: thats weird; I wonder how.... wait .... that looks like it was kicked in.... where are our bikes... oh shit.

On the bright side:
The Minneapolis police were excellent, they were at our house within an hour and were very nice. They also took away the bikes the thieves left behind. We also had great service from the B-Safe locksmith people (I would link to them but their website sucks - but thats OK, they are locksmiths not web geeks); they came that same Monday and fixed the door and installed a massive dead-bolt that locks through a very thick strip of medal. Insurance (Allstate) was great and rated the value of our bikes generously.

Soooo we got new bikes this weekend:

Here is my beauty:

A Trek 7.2 FX WSD

Today was beautiful and we took a nice long ride to break the bikes in. And when we brought them home and stowed them in the garage, we used our new heavy duty u-bolt locks to secure them to the garage wall.


Blogger Tommy said...

Wow, that sucks. Usually bikes are stolen when you are inside a store or something and it is left unattended outside. Somebody cuts the chain and off they go.

The fact that they broke in to get the bikes leads me to believe that they expected them to be there. Somebody must have saw you riding in the neighborhood and followed you.

Unlike cars, unfortunately there is really not much the police can do about stolen bicycles. There are no license plates or VIN numbers or any other identifying markers to look for.

At the very least, I am glad you got a new bike that you like. I ride mine much more now that the price of gasoline is so high.

01 June, 2008  
Blogger Zeolite said...

I wondered about that too (that someone watched us lock our bikes in the garage) but then the police said that its been a summer "trend" for robbers to break into a bunch of garages in a neighborhood in the same night and that we likely weren't targeted - just unlucky.

But our new bikes are pretty great! And we were able to buy them at a newly opened locally owned neighborhood bike shop.

04 June, 2008  

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