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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thank the Doctors

Today's Scenario:
Theist having a heart attacked is rushed into a hospital.

Doctors and nurses meticulously operate on the theist for grueling hours and hours to fix theist's heart.

Theist wakes up from surgery all fixed up and says "Praise the Lord! I'm healed!"

Doctors and nurses are thinking "Well, F*ck"

Why don't people thank their doctors when they recover from serious illnesses? I've been noticing a lot of people crediting god for their recovery from illnesses. I totally understand being grateful, but how about thanking the doctors?

I'll take a stab at answering my own questions. Perhaps its because the person who was sick doesn't really understand exactly what was wrong or exactly how it got fixed therefore it seems miraculous when they get better. However, the doctors who cure people do understand exactly what's going on - its not mysterious or supernatural - its smart people putting their brains to good use.

Even if you're a theist, a doctor who cures your cancer or fixes your heart is totally worth thanking. Especially since the doctors are the only ones you know for sure did anything to help, and you know darn well they're not the ones who made you sick in the first place.

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