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Monday, March 26, 2007

Through the Friendly Atheist Blog (by the guy who sold his soul on ebay) I learned about the MySpace rip-off HisHolySpace.

Hemant, of the FriendlyAtheist blog -my current favorite blog- does a fine job highlighting quirky points of this website so I won't repeat him. I encourage you to go check it out. Its really quite amusing.

Some of the pages make me feel tenderly painfully sad, like when I saw a nature documentary about monkeys and a mother monkey just kept carrying around its dead baby trying to wake it up and feed it.

And other pages I just don't get at all. As a former hard-core christian, I can usually understand where most of the christian rhetoric comes from and the (usually flawed) rationale behind it but I was never big into the whole hell thing. So this page perplexes me. Why would someone choose their online name to be "Is Hell Real? YES!"? Bizzare-o.

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