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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Amphibians & Secular Lobbyist

(MN PCA Photo)

Last night I went to the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Center for a talk by Tyrone Hayes about amphibian declines and deformities and the herbicide Atrazine. It was pretty a pretty depressing talk. Bascially, Atrazine is like today's DDT and, even though we know its really really bad, its not being regulated because of corruption within the EPA. Learn more at Haye's ugly but informative website and call and tell your legislators they need do something about this:
(Thanks Friends of the Mississippi River for hosting this event.)

Tommorow night I'm heading back over to the U to hear Lori Lipman Brown speak at an event hosted by C.A.S.H:
"Protecting Our Freedoms: Taking the Message to Congress"
7:30 pm Murphy Hall

In 2005, Lori Lipman Brown was hired by the Secular Coalition for America to be the first advocate to Congress explicitly representing nontheistic Americans. She will report on key issues she has lobbied, upcoming issues in the 110th Congress, the reception she has received both on Capitol Hill and in the media, and the changes she has noticed with the introduction of a new majority in both Houses of Congress.

Brown is a former Nevada State Senator, a lawyer, and an educator. Brown was named Civil Libertarian of the Year by the ACLU of Southern Nevada and Legislator of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers, Nevada Chapter, for her legislative accomplishments which included mental health care reform, education curriculum changes, and repeal of Nevada's consensual sex crimes law. In addition to lobbying Congress, Brown serves as a media spokesperson and speaker amplifying the voice of nontheists nationwide.

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