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Monday, April 02, 2007

The F-Bomb

Oh, its on now - humanist vs. atheist WWF style

Harvard’s Humanist Chaplain, Greg Epstein used the phrase fundamentalist atheist in a press release promoting the upcoming New Humanist conference. Reading between the lines he used the phrase to put atheists down and make humanists look better.

Here's a good smattering of links for all the juicy details:

Overveiw by the Friendly Athiest
Brian Flemming drops his own F-bomb
Greg Epstein's lame response on the conference website
New York Times article about this whole deal

Atheists, even Dawkins and Harris style atheists, are not fundamentalist. There is nothing dogmatic about the atheist perspective. Atheists just come off as jerks because we're rebuking what has been protected by culture for generations.

Isn't it weird that it's considered arrogant and rude to question someone's unsupported faith-based beliefs? Is it rational to believe that a god/man who was born from a virgin rose from the dead and ascended into heaven AND someday he'll return to earth to lay the smack down so you better worship him or you'll go to hell?

Its weird and irrational and totally messed up.

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