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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I don't know whats gotten into me...

I've been posting comments on this christian blog: The Line

I did a google blogs search for "Sam Harris" and got sucked in. The author of this blog seems to have the exact opposite view as me of the Harris vs. Warren (author of The Purpose Driven Life*) debate published in Newsweek which I didn't even post about because I thought Warren has such weak responses - like playing tennis with someone without a racket as Harris said in his internet debate with Andrew Sullivan.

I think I'll keep posting in that blog until things get ugly.

*I have actually read chunks of The Purpose Driven Life because my in-laws sent us a copy. It was amusing for a little while but thats about it. I've been wanting to send them A Letter to a Christian Nation because turn-about is fair play, right? But I honestly don't think it would do any good.


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