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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog Phenology

In spring the thought of hunkering down with my computer was nothing short of repulsive. I wanted to frolic outside and bask in warmth directly from the sun - not emanating from my laptop battery.

Over the summer, my pouting Powerbook collected dust and I'm sure it wept silently while I swam, canoed, biked, ran, and otherwise occupied myself with all sorts of other summery goodness.

But now I'm beginning to feel the tug of my favorite hibernation activity. My daytime thoughts are more frequently caching experiences as blog fodder and I'm becoming more desperate to find the battery charger for my pocket camera.

And if last winter is any indication, in the coming months I'll be blogging everyday, surreptitiously snapping pontifical photos, and snuggling-up in my hi-tech hibernaculum.


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