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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness

I'm basking in the first blizzard of the year which always makes me introspective; introspection always leads me to wonder if I'm making the best possible choices in life - am I as happy as I could be? what makes me happy?

List of things thats currently make me happy (in no particular order):
1. Hot Drinks
2. Time to pursue my own interests/whims
3. Taking photos
4. Yoga
5. Time with loved ones
6. Good Food
7. New blazing-fast Mac Book Pro
8. Laughing

In honor of #8 here is are some more Photos That Make Me Laugh (with links to more!)

From Awkward Family Photos (.com)

From Nietzsche Family Circus

From the best photo blog ever: Picture This (NSFW)