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Friday, October 27, 2006

Sleuth Collecting

I started collecting Nancy Drew books last year as an effort to direct gift buying compulsions. Suggestions of foregoing gifts were often unheeded so I needed a better solution. But asking for something is dangerous: you become labeled with that desire forever (we all have an Aunt Bess who likes pigs or Uncle George obsessed with cars). I decided to take the risk and so far it has worked out nicely.

I spread the word that I like the vintage blue hard-covered Nancy Drew books. I didn't think of this at the time, but this request encourages people to spend their money at antique and independent book stores as opposed to big chains. I also discovered I like collecting them more than I thought I would. The books are chucked full of good childhood memories and great vintage art.

So now I've started adding to my collection myself, picking up books I find at local antique shops and even perusing eBay for good buys.

I just got my newest addition in the mail this week: a 1961 edition of The Password to Larkspur Lane.

Link to info and pictures of all the Nancy Drew Books
Link to cool foreign versions of Nancy Drew Books


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